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Onboarding new groups…

Our next group of friendly Solomon Islanders have joined us, and were photographed out shopping with our Account Manager Wilian! We assistied them with getting food and basic goods (flowers not included!) to assist them with starting their new roles in Regional NSW!

This is a part of our on-boarding process, an important and essential step to ensure they are comfortable and ready to go! For many of these keen and eager workers, this will be their first time overseas. This process includes providing them with information about the Australian way of life, pre-employment inductions, WHS familiarisation as well as setting up their Bank Accounts, Phones and TFN’s before commencing their journey to Regional NSW!

With every group that comes through the Labour Solutions Australia office we are continually impressed by the outstanding attitude and enthusiasm our Pacific Islanders have with getting Inducted and ready for work.

The PLS commenced on 1 July 2018 and enables citizens from selected Pacific countries to commence employment in rural and regional Australia for up to three years!

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Welcoming 12 New Sconeites

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Your Reliable Workforce Starts Here!

With the ongoing skills and Labour shortage in rural and regional Australia, the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) have been massive game changers in providing many businesses with a reliable source of employees.

Between 2017 – 2018 Australian employers hired well in excess of 7,500 people under the SWP, bringing much needed relief to the horticultural sector’s labour needs.

As an ‘Approved Employer’ under both these schemes, Labour Solutions Australia have been working closely with business owners and the relevant bodies to effectively provide a constant and secure workforce who are willing and able to return each season.

This continuity enables LSA clients to effectively plan for future seasons and have confidence in a team of established and experienced people who can get the job done and assist in training newer staff members. Another key positive, is that many of the workers have backgrounds in farming or agriculture and are used to the harsh environments that many internationals struggle with.

What’s involved?

Participants in the scheme are required to undergo a recruitment and selection process to assess whether they are fit for the role. They will be tested on their English communication and comprehension skills, work ethic and health and fitness for the particular job activities.

Workers are screened in their home countries and prior to arriving in Australia must submit to a pre-departure process where comprehensive training is undertaken along with criminal history and final health checks.

Hiring Workers

Familiar with both Programs, LSA have have established processes and dedicated staff that specialise in finding you the best workers for the job.

To take advantage of these programs or for any of your workforce needs, get in touch today.

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Pacific Labour Solutions/Labour Solutions Australia is a pre-approved, fully compliant sponsor of both the Pacific Labour Scheme and the Seasonal Worker Programme.

We are connected with local labour sourcing partners and recruitment agencies across the Pacific. Our dedicated team has been supplying compliant workforce management since 2004.

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